Wonder Nails

2404 Southlake Circle, Morrow
Phone: +1 770-968-8838

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Jan 14, 2018


DONT GO HERE! NEVER AGAIN! I went here and the guy that did my nails was doing them like he has no experience. I wanted coffin nails and he cliped the sides with a nail clipper AFTER he put the powder on and he struggled for almost 20 mins, stupid fool. I realized my nails were gonna be ugly so I stopped him and had another tech finish them and she did my French tips so sloppy, she did my tips with a fat brush so they looked horrible and she didn’t put enough alcohol on them so my nails were sticky and had lent on them. They wouldn’t give me a refund. My nails were so bad I went to another nail salon and had them redo everything.

Nov 02, 2018

Sapphire Jones

Worst nail salon I've ever been to. The staff were lazy.. and the guy who did my nails tried to put up an argument because I wanted gel polish. He didn't file my nails and was rushing. And when I realized my nails on my left hand were no where near the length on my right, I went back and all they did was file it down and tried to charge me for filing it.. never again.

Jul 09, 2019

Alecia Czarnecki

If i could i would.give them no stars. This place is a joke. I will never go there again. The prices in the business is not what you pay. They make up.prices when it is time to pay. I got a gel manicure and a pedicure. It was 40 bucks. The price list indicated 30 bucks. I was charged 3 bucks for the lady removing she says " extra skin ". The price list charged 3 bucks for callous removal for which i have no calluses. The manicure was done without inserting my hands in any water. Only the cuticles was removed if she saw them. The nail polish color does not match for the hands and feet. After discussing my price, the woman who i think is the owner told me to pay and don't come back if i want. Believe me i will not and i hope.the next person do not get poor customer service and overcharged. This business needs to be closed down. It gives southlake mall a bad name leasing to businesses like this.

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